Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Anti-War Groups Shooting Progressive Causes In The Foot

Operation Truth has a post today about a planned protest near Fort Bragg, in North Carolina.
Here's the press release:
NEW YORK -- In observation of the second anniversary of the Iraq War, a number of national and local antiwar groups are planning to protest this weekend in Fayetteville, N.C., the home of Fort Bragg. Iraq Veteran and Operation Truth Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff issued the following statement today opposing the protestors' plans to protest in the Troops' backyard:

"Demonstrators have every right to protest the Iraq War this weekend. However, their choice of location for one protest -- Fort Bragg -- is wrong and insensitive. It blames the warriors for the war. The decision makers are not at Fort Bragg, they are in Washington. Rallying against the war by marching at Fort Bragg is like protesting the cows if you don't like McDonalds.

"The anti-war protesters say they support the Troops. They can say it until they are blue in the face, but that's a hollow sentiment when they're protesting the busloads of Troops coming and going from Bragg to Iraq every day. If you support the troops, don't protest them in their backyards, especially not as they're sent to war or returning home.

Finally, as families living in and around the bases try to salvage some sense of normalcy as they worry about their loved ones overseas, the last thing they need to see on Saturday morning is a crowd of protestors outside their window. This is the height of insensitivity by the anti-war organizations.

If we are to make real progress in supporting and protecting our Troops we should hold our elected officials' feet to the fire for the decisions they make. But protesting the Troops will accomplish nothing; we should be listening to them."
I hope that this message gets through to these groups, because they are doing much more harm then good by making it seem that we don't support our friends, family, and neighbors in the armed forces, by doing this in the backyards of the military families who's loved ones are serving in Iraq.