Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Failed Intelligence Or Outright Deceit?

The Armchair Generalist and Laura at War and Peace each have posts today about the the soon-to-be released presidential commission study on American intelligence failures regarding Iraq's missing WMD, and both have a similar reaction- "So what?" Now, I'm a little confused as to what they mean by their lack of surprise. On the one hand they could be saying that they're not surprised that the commission found that the CIA was seriously in err in it's intelligence on Iraq's WMD "program". On the other hand they could be "surprised" that the President's commission found everyone at fault accept for the President. I'll assume that it's the later, because everyone should know by now that, as Anthony Zinni has stated, the Neo-Cons cooked the books with the WMD.

The Senate and House might be alright with giving the president a free pass on this. But the thousands of Americans who have fought in, been injured by, or been killed during the War in Iraq, as well as the American Public, deserve to know the truth.

Update: Laura at War and Peace just posted an update to her post. Looks like I wasn't the only one confused.