Thursday, April 28, 2005

Light Posting

For those few folks who stop by here on a semi-regular basis, you may have noticed a lull in posts over the past two weeks. I have been working on my Master's thesis, which will be completed in two-three weeks.

The thesis is titled The Keys To A Future Majority and the first two pieces are already posted on Music for America, the group that helped reel me into a life in politics.

The first post, Meeting Music For America, is mainly anecdotal, but it does contain a bit of the story behind what motivated me to start this site. The rest of the story behind the site will be contained in later parts of the thesis.

The second post looks at the psychological and sociological phenomena of the Reminiscence Bumps, Collective Memory, and Generations, and gives a little insight into why the 2004 election seemed at times to be more about Vietnam than contemporary issues. It also points to why I believe that youth-focused campaigns are so important.

I'll still be posting over the next two weeks, just in a more limited fashion.