Friday, May 20, 2005

What's The Matter With... Virginia?

In my original Draft Zinni! piece I pushed the idea of drafting Gen. Zinni to run against Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania. I've obviously found little support, so far, for this from other Pennsylvanians, and it now appears that Bob Casey Jr. will be Santorum's opponent. My reasons for choosing the US Senate race in PA where probably a little self-centered- I wanted to fight the Right in my beloved homestate, in particular against Rick "man-on-dog" Santorum, and I thought Zinni would be the best person to serve Mr. Gump, I mean Santorum, a beat down. I also thought that Pennsylvanians would embrace one of their risen stars (Zinni was born, raised, and educated, up to the collegiate level, in Philly).

Meanwhile, in the state that Zinni calls home, Virginia, there's only been one serious candidate mentioned to run against the Republican incumbent, George Allen- current Virginia Governor Mark Warner. But, it appears that Warner has his sites set on either the 2008 Presidential nominee, or the VP spot on the 2008 ticket. And without a big bench to pull candidate's from, this would appear to be a safe seat for Republicans. Unless...

I wonder where the Democrats could look to find someone who is liberal in many senses of the word, but who could appeal to the fiscal and security conservatives in Red Virginia? How about looking towards Virginia resident General Anthony Zinni? Is there a man out there with better security credentials than Zinni? Is there anyone who could better tap into the disaffected feelings that many conservatives must be feeling right now about our Cowboy President's overseas conquests and blatant neglect of national security?

Any Virginia residents out there care to help me push this idea?

p.s. I'm planning on moving this site to either a CivicSpace/Drupal site or at the very least a page using moveable type, in the near future. If anyone who comes across this is interested in helping to Draft Zinni, or if you like to write about NatSec from a progressive standpoint but need a home, please e-mail me- I would welcome any interested people to contribute to the site/effort. My e-mail is draftzinni [AT]