Tuesday, May 17, 2005

General Anthony Zinni (ret.) Videos

Sometimes it's really hard to get a good idea of just how good someone is at something by just reading about them. This week I've been beginning to apply for field operations jobs at various political organizations and I've been having a hell of a time trying to put my skill set, much of which has to do with how I work in the field, into words.

Well, trying to get across what is so great about Gen. Zinni, as a person and a leader, is similarly difficult. So with that in mind I decided to look around the net for some videos of Gen. Zinni. Here are some that I found.

First I came across an amazing streaming video of Gen. Zinni on Leading Authorities' website (RealPlayer). The video can be found here, and deals mainly with the question of leadership. For anyone wishing to get a real taste of just how impressive Zinni is in person, you should really watch this video. Zinni talks about issues such as honesty, education, and spirituality. For any of those people out there who question whether Zinni is truly an open minded intelligent, and I would say liberal, you should watch this.

This is a longer speech on avoiding and mitigating conflicts (RealPlayer) given to the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego. The video is pretty long, and is all very good, but there are some particularly good segments about Zinni's views on Iraq beginning about 50 minutes into the video. He ends by saying that if he had still been an officer under Bush II he would have quit long ago. If only Powell had Zinni's morals...

Here's the full 60 minutes interview (Windows Media Player). (via undergroundclips)

Here's a speech to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Windows Media Player). The sound is pretty poor, but there are some great comments on the "plans" for Iraq. Really powerful stuff...

This is a very lengthy video (RealPlayer) from The Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley's Conversations with History series. The transcripts of the interview are a great place to search for Zinni quotes.

That's all I've found for now. I'll post more as I find links.